Business support and mentoring

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The emergence of a project, its implementation as well as the fine-tuning that follow necessarily the take-off of the company require observation, reflection and a good capacity of questioning. Our objective is to create the good environment that will make possible for you a strong focus on your project as well as the connections to get benefit of competencies or advices from others entrepreneurs : you are not anymore alone!

What does happened at Intencity for hosted customers ? Depending on your needs, you work with our staff to help you work through the topics that you point as central to your business : the frequency and number of the face to face that will have to be held is planned together.

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Then, we listen, advise, nurture—and push our companies. We help you get things done faster and remove obstacles that slow you down : mostly, we work on your positioning, marketing, commercialization, management and organisation, funding. We also help on accounting as well as legal and administrative.

Finally, we also provide numerous advice in the field of sales and marketing as well as in terms of daily management and accounting. After the start-up and adjustment phases, our clients are looking for a whole bunch of tips to improve their performance, management and sales. Here again, our own professional experience and in-depth knowledge of all the projects hosted by Intencity allow us to answer questions fairly quickly, with simple and quick solutions to implement.